How Do You Get Rid Of The Stain In Five Minutes

If you have a carpet or some other surface struck by stains then they will look disgusting. You would surely want to get rid of these stains. If you wish to get rid of a stain in five minutes then here are some of the solutions that you can get ahead with. Read the information and get on to the right way.

get rid of a stain
get rid of a stain
  1. Using cornstarch powder

To remove the stains in five minutes there are many things that you can do. One of the most effective ways is to remove the stain with the help of corn starch powder. If you come across an oil stain then you should immediately treat the same with corn starch powder. Pour or sprinkle some powder directly on the stain and then use a sponge to just rub the same gently. The cornstarch powder will remove the oil stains quickly and this will prove to be a good way which can give you the solution in five minutes.

  1. Use white vinegar for tea and coffee stains

If you come across tea and coffee stains then cleaning the same instant in five minutes should be your main concern. You should apply white vinegar to the stain. Now, take a blotting paper and try to soak the stain. You will see that the stain will leave the carpet and will fade away.

  1. Scrape the stain if it is dry

 If the stain is hard then you will have to scrape the stain first. This will remove most of the deposits on the same. Once this is done, most of the stain is removed and now you only have to wash the same off with water. This is also just a matter of five minutes.

  1. Use rubbing alcohol for nail polish stains

If you happen to get the nail polish marks off the carpets then you can use rubbing alcohol. It has the potential to remove stains from the carpet or any other surfaces. You will see that this is also one of the best ways to get rid of the same.

If you want to dry clean the mattress or carpet then you can do that as well. Plan things in such a way that you can make the carpet stain free in five minutes. What method you use on the carpet and how you get rid of the stains depend upon the material and the type of carpet that you use. Also, the kind of stain that has come up will make a lot of difference.


Plan things in such a way that you can get rid of the stain in five minutes. Stains can tarnish the look of the carpets and other things. You must find the best ways that can make your life better. You need a professional carpet cleaning service in Camden, you will know which of the above methods works at its best to make the carpet stain free.